-- WARS history --

Originally published 6 June 2019 contributors: Bob, Jim, Al

2 boys with headphones and their ham equipment on a large wooden desk

A fictional tale......
The Weld Amateur Radio Society was forged from the perserverance and fortitude of a small group of forward thinking and progressive radio hams. Greeley was young, the streets were dirt, and radio was in its infancy. This group of hobbyists would get together for coffee and biscuits on Saturdays and swap tubes, tales, and tech talk until it was time to go mow the lawn....

I remember those early days. Back when times and radio were much simpler. All we had was AM and CW. I got my novice in '48 and built me a little 2 tube transmitter and I had a RME-45 receiver that my uncle gave me for Christmas after he came back from Europe. My first contact was another kid in OH on 7.080 megacycles. We were both rockbound and he was on 7.072 but we managed to find each other. By golly, those were the days. --Robert Golkowski - SK

After the mowing, these hardworking and above average individuals would take to the airwaves and connect this once rural part of Colorado with the rest of the world. The ether was no match for these radio radicals and we are proud to be associated with the wonderful Weld Amateur Radio Society that they so graciously began so many years ago!