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As items are removed from the home page they will be placed here. It serves as an incomplete but interesting timeline for The Weld ARS.

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A strange antenna
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A strange antenna
--from February 2023

February License Class

February 18 + 25, 2023

Tech Class Flyer
→ link to Tech Class Flyer

WARS will be sponsoring a 2 Saturday "Get your Entry Level Amateur Radio License class". The entry-level FCC Amateur Technician exam will be given following the class on the 25th. It's easy to get your license and even more fun to get on the radio so click on the flyer above for all the info.
WARS February 2023 Tech Class Signup

→ Tips for success
→ ARRL License Manual @ ARRL
→ ARRL License Manual @ Amazon
→ Official Question Pool
-- from December 2022

Orlin Jenkins - K0OJ

November 15, 1948 - December 21, 2022


The NCARC recorded a tribute to K0OJ in commemoration of his annual Holler Happy New Year net. You can listen to the audio of it by clicking the link below.

--from December 2022

WARS Banquet

December 3, 2022

WARS banquet with members enjoying their food

Weld Amateur Radio Society members got together to celebrate a year of ham radio fun. Rodney Cobb N0NXG was named the WARS Ham of the Year for 2022 for his help at events this year and for starting and managing the Thursday night HF net. Congrats Rodney!

Award for Rodney Cobb N0NXG
--from December 2022

Santa Catch Race

December 17, 2022

WARS members at the 2022 Windsor Turkey Trot Race

The Weld Amateur Radio Society will be helping out at the Run.Windsor Santa Catch 5k & 10k Run/Walk. This is the last race of the year and the fifth race that WARS has helped out at this year.

Way to go WARS!

WARS members at the 2022 Windsor Turkey Trot Race
-- from October 2022

JOTA 2022

October 15-16, 2022

JOTA logo for 2022

The Weld Amateur Radio Society will be helping local Scouts got-on-the-air during JOTA - Jamboree on the Air 2022. The event will be held October 15-16, 2022 at Bigfoot Turf Farm.
We need as many volunteers as we can get for this event! There is much to be discussed at the next membership meeting so make sure you attend. We plan on having multiple stations for the Scouts to operate as well as some other fun radio activities.
More info on JOTA can be found at
→ scouting.org

--from September 2022

Nunn Days 2022

September 24, 2022

Nunn Days Infographic

The Weld Amateur Radio Society will be setting up a booth at Nunn Days and we will also pull the trailer in the parade and hand out candy along the way. We plan on setting up an HF station to demonstrate how amateur radio works.
We hope to see you there!
→ Town of Nunn on FaceBook

Steve Jackson KD0UJK pulling the WARS trailer with his truck in the 2021 Nunn Days parade
--from June 2022

ARISS @ Eaton

June 22, 2022

Eaton Public Library Thanks

WARS successfully helped the Eaton Public Library contact CSU grad and astronaut Kjell Lindgren live from the International Space Station!
Thanks to all the members who helped out during the week with Space Camp.

→ Link to the YouTube video
→ Audio file of the contact ARISS logo
--from June 2022


June 25-26, 2022

WARS field day setup with antenna and tent

The WARS Field Day and summer picnic was a whole lot of fun! Bigfoot Turf Farm south of Kersey on CR 49 was great venue.
We made over 170 contacts and talked with over 40 different states and a DX contact with an African island.
It was great to see so many people help out with set up and tear down.
Let's make next year even better!

ARRL 2022 field day logo
--from March 2022

Lucky Brew Race

March 12, 2022

Lucky Brew Race Logo

Weld ARS supported the Lucky Brew Race in Windsor, CO. We had 9 members volunteer for the event. Great Job Everyone!

Thanks to those that came out to help.
Net Control: Jim N0JME, Eric KF0AMA
Aid Station 1: Kevin W0AEZ
Aid Station 2: John KB0IW, Sharen KB7ZCP
5k Sweeper: Mike AC0YV
10k Sweeper: Rich K0EB
Burritos: Elizabeth AD0AP
Special appearance: Steve KD0UJK

--from February 2022

February License Class

February 19 + 26, 2022

Tech Class Flyer

WARS will be sponsoring a 2 day "Get your Entry Level Amateur Radio License class". The entry-level exam will be given following the class on the 26th. The exam is a 35 question multiple-choice test from a pool of 428 publicly available questions and answers. You only need to answer 26 of these questions correctly and you will be issued your very own FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio license.

→ Tips for success
→ ARRL License Manual @ ARRL
→ ARRL License Manual @ Amazon
→ PDF of older License Manual
→ PDF of Question Pool
→ Technician Class Flyer
--from October 2021

Windsor Marathon

Sunday, October 10, 2021

WARS trailer with antenna mast up

On short notice, one week to be precise, WARS was able to assist the Windsor Marathon with communications between the aid stations and race HQ.
At around 6 AM, the club set up the trailer near the start/finish line and members proceeded to man the aid stations. A crossband repeater was set up to help our HTs get into the 147 repeater. We were able to effectively pass along a few messages to the sweepers and keep tabs on the runners.

Thanks for everyone who helped out!

--from October 2021

Headline News!

New Meeting Venue

Our next meeting is scheduled for

November 6, 2021 @ 9 AM

Please note the new location for this meeting. It will be held at the
Roche Constructors conference room
in west Greeley.
361 71st Ave Suite 104
Greeley, CO 80634
→ Map and directions

-- The Meeting will start @ 9 AM --
The membership voted in favor of this change at the October 2021 meeting. WARS can also schedule this room to be used for training classes and
license testing in the future.
Also, there are members that still wish to meet and eat before the meeting. A location for breakfast will be discussed and posted here after the
November 2nd Tuesday night net.

--from September 2021

Nunn Days!

Saturday, September 25

KD0UJK, K0GWP, N0JME, and KF0AMA hanging out at the 2021 Nunn Days

There were about 8 members that attended Nunn days. We handed out candy during the parade and then set up our booth.

Al, KE0LSL, discovered some cw in the ocean of CQ World Wide RTTY signals and he tested Steve's, KD0UJK, ability to decode some pretty fast dits and dahs. There were also numerous hams and radio enthusiasts that dropped by to say hi. And I better not forget to thank Beau, W5NJR, for his grilling tips. Lunch might not have happened if he was not there :).

Thanks for everyone who helped out!