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--from October 2021

Windsor Marathon

Sunday, October 10, 2021

WARS trailer with antenna mast up

On short notice, one week to be precise, WARS was able to assist the Windsor Marathon with communications between the aid stations and race HQ.
At around 6 AM, the club set up the trailer near the start/finish line and members proceeded to man the aid stations. A crossband repeater was set up to help our HTs get into the 147 repeater. We were able to effectively pass along a few messages to the sweepers and keep tabs on the runners.

Thanks for everyone who helped out!

--from October 2021

Headline News!

New Meeting Venue

Our next meeting is scheduled for

November 6, 2021 @ 9 AM

Please note the new location for this meeting. It will be held at the
Roche Constructors conference room
in west Greeley.
361 71st Ave Suite 104
Greeley, CO 80634
→ Map and directions

-- The Meeting will start @ 9 AM --
The membership voted in favor of this change at the October 2021 meeting. WARS can also schedule this room to be used for training classes and
license testing in the future.
Also, there are members that still wish to meet and eat before the meeting. A location for breakfast will be discussed and posted here after the
November 2nd Tuesday night net.

--from September 2021

Nunn Days!

Saturday, September 25

KD0UJK, K0GWP, N0JME, and KF0AMA hanging out at the 2021 Nunn Days

There were about 8 members that attended Nunn days. We handed out candy during the parade and then set up our booth.

Al, KE0LSL, discovered some cw in the ocean of CQ World Wide RTTY signals and he tested Steve's, KD0UJK, ability to decode some pretty fast dits and dahs. There were also numerous hams and radio enthusiasts that dropped by to say hi. And I better not forget to thank Beau, W5NJR, for his grilling tips. Lunch might not have happened if he was not there :).

Thanks for everyone who helped out!

WARS Weekly Net

The Weld Amateur Radio Society holds an on-air get together every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM on the 147.000+ 100Hz tone machine. We hope to hear you check-in on Tuesday night!

Radio tuned to 147.000 MHz

Ideas have been kicked around for some type of informal on-air gathering. Originally this was scheduled on Sunday nights at 6 PM but it did not catch on.
Anyone interested in a different time or something different? Newsline discussion on Thursday night? Maybe we could try some SSTV over the repeater? How about a Fusion gathering?
Bring your ideas to the next meeting and we can discuss it further.

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The WARS Newsletter now comes out quarterly. The Summer 2021 issue is out and it focuses almost entirely on Field Day.
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Man working on repeater

Repeater Status

147.000 Mhz + 100 Hz Tone

-Running fine

448.475 Mhz - 100 Hz Tone

-Reports of low audio.

More info on these machines and other repeaters in the area can be found on our

Repeaters page